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Captured » Blog Archive » Photographer Collection: Emilio Morenatti

April 16, 2009

Captured » Blog Archive » Photographer Collection: Emilio Morenatti.



pretty effin’ cool photos.  i’m curious what type of camera he used to take those photos.  in most instances his subjects didn’t seem to mind or notice the camera. what’s disappointing these days is most photos have been photoshopped like no tomorrow. i always see some dude’s work and be like “damm i wanna do that!” i research techniques, buy new lenses, experiment…and in the end i find out the work i admire is all photoshopped and impossible to do in-camera. even that emelio guy’s photos seem to have some fake vignetting (something i’m guilty of, i’ll tone it down in the future).

an index of his award winning work can be found here:

yeah i know this guy’s work has been linked to a brazillion times but i wanted everyone to see one of the sets…the one that riled me up the most… full of women who have been beaten to shit by fucked up cowardly men.  lots of burn victims of either fire or acid.  some of them were burned while they were asleep.  seriously…. some of the pics are here: check it out.

i was once walking out of a party.  it just so happened a crazy kid, known gangster and completely unstable, was walking beside me.  through out the night he was saying hi, being friendly, generally acknowledging how awesome i am.  but when we were walking out he started abusing the shit out of his gf.  all because she was way too drunk to walk and he felt embarrassed to be seen with such a person.  he pulled her hair.  mildly choked her as a show of power.  screamed in her face.  his/her friends stepped in to try and stop it but he would lash out against them too.  i was 2.5 feet away from all this shit and i didn’t do squat.  seriously….i didn’t want to get shot.  i thought the situation would have been over with in a few more seconds.  luckily, cops just happened to be a few feet away, 59 seconds later.  what would you have done?

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